Not having a recent backup when you need it is a horrible experience. Avoid problems by backing up your Joomla website regularly.

Scenarios where you might have to restore your Joomla website are multitudinous but common experiences are:

  • your site dying after installing an extension (generally when one extension conflicts with another)
  • your site acting strangely after an update
  • you find out your site has been hacked (and has links on every page linking to disreputable sites)
  • you accidentally delete your website (no, seriously)

Backing up your Joomla website is a two-step process. You'll need to back up the files and the database.

How to Manually Backup a Joomla Website

The Files

  1. Go to cPanel ( and log in. Open the File Manager.
  2. Go to public_html to see the Joomla files, Select All, then Compress.
    This will compress all the files into one zip file and automatically name it the first folder's name - I like to rename it my domain name followed by the date. (eg
  3. Click compress file then Close once that process is complete.
    And there you'll see your zip backup file.
  4. Next, download that file to your computer.

The Database

  1. Go to cPanel and click phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select the database, then click export.
    The Quick export option is ok, but I prefer to make a couple of database backups using the Custom option.
  3. First I download a zipped backup.
  4. Then I download a gzipped version.

You now have everything you need to restore your Joomla website should the unfortunate occur.