You've got a domain. You've paid for web hosting. Now what? It get's a little technical here but follow this tutorial and you'll have your domain name propagating to your hosting account and your website up and running in no time.

If you haven't got a domain name or hosting yet, you can see how to do that in the previous videos!

How to Point a Domain to a Web Host Account

(From the video)

This tutorial is specific to but the basic details can probably be applied to many different hosts.

  1. Head over to and login.
    Check your domain and you'll see it's showing a parked domain page. Let's point it to our webhost.
  2. Go back to the dashboard and click Manage next to the domain that we want to set up.
  3. We're going to use the Namecheap Basic DNS and configure it under the Advanced DNS tab.
    Here we're going to set the Address Record (A Record) for our www and non-www address to the IP we were given when we registered our hosting account.
  4. Check that welcome email and copy the IP address.
  5. In the DNS setting area, change the Type for both settings to A Record, leave the Host settings as they are, and paste the IP address into the Value settings.
  6. Save those settings and wait a moment (it can take up to 48 hours in some cases). Then if we go back to check our domain, we see a new parking page.

This indicates that the domain and hosting account are configured correctly and the next step is to install Joomla.