You need somewhere to put the Joomla files so people can access your website. That's what a webhost is for. This video tutorial shows ou how to register hosting for your Joomla website.

What is Hosting

A webhost provides a file hosting service - similar to storing your files in the cloud. The difference is that those files, your domain name which points to your hosted files work together to make a website you can easily find just by typing, in this example, into your browser.

How Much is Hosting

Hosting is an annual (or monthly) expense, and is generally more expensive than domain name registration. We use and currently their annual hosting prices start at around $40 per year, with the first year only $10. That's a great way to try them out - and we think you'll agree with us that they provide a quality product.

How to Purchase Webhosting

(From the video.)

I've tried a lot of different web hosting companies over the years and after moving one of my websites to Namecheap.coms hosting service about a year ago, (read my review of I've since moved all my websites there and find their service to be flawless.

  1. Head over to and get some hosting space. Once you're logged in you'll want to go to Shared Hosting under the Hosting drop-down menu.
  2. If this is your first website, I recommend the Value Plan. (If you have or plan to have a few sites, the Professional Plan is a great deal.)
    Choose your hosting datacenter - either US or the UK. Here's more on how to choose which datacenter location to use.
    Once you've made your selection, click Add to Cart.
  3. If you followed along with the previous video, you'll already have a domain with, so select the option Use a domain I own with Namecheap.
    Click Select next to the domain name and after a second you'll see it discreetly change to Selected.
    Continue thenConfirm the Order.
  4. Select payment type, agree to the terms then make payment.

If you check your email, you'll find the receipt with the purchase details. You'll also find an email with your hosting account details. It's important to keep this email because you'll probably need to refer back to it periodically.

That's it for how to purchase web hosting with