Setting up a menu in Joomla is a two part process. First, create the menu. Once that's done, create a module to publish the menu. You can have different menu modules for the same menu - here's how to set one up.

How to Set Up a Joomla Menu Module

In this tutorial we create a menu module so we can see the menu we set up in the previous tutorial - how to create a Joomla menu

  1. From the top menu go to extensions > modules.
  2. Click new.
  3. Select menu (to create the menu module).
  4. Give the menu a title. (To keep things simple, I give the module the same title as the menu and call it Admin Menu.)
  5. Next, under select menu, choose the Admin Menu.
  6. Next, select a position. To put it in the right column, select "Right [position 7]".
  7. Click save.

Now, take a look at your site and you'll see a new menu showing up below the original one. To put the menu in a different position, change the position setting from within the module. Note: different templates have different positions.

Rather than using a template position, which has the advantage of showing on every page, depending on how you set it, another option is to place a module inside an article. You can do this using a custom position combined with something called {loadposition}.

We'll take a look at how to do that in the next tutorial where we'll move this menu onto a single page and call it the sitemap page where, using menus, we'll have a list of every page on the site.