Update your Joomla site without delay. Procrastinating leaves you vulnerable.

Why You Should Update Joomla

Updates come out frequently. Usually they are security patches adding minor fixes to cover vulnerabilities that have been discovered. So updating is your defence against being hacked. Backing up is also important and is your recourse if you ever find you have been hacked.

Hacking can leave your site dead in the water - navigating to your site shows only an error message. But much more likely, a hacker will simply sneak a little bit of code into your site and you won't even notice. There are many reasons they might do that, none good.

Don't think because your site is small that it's safe - hacking is mostly done by bots that browse websites automatically looking for vulnerable targets. So update your site to keep your defences up.

How to Update a Joomla Website

This tutorial is for a minor Joomla update. In this case, we've logged in and seen the update now message. Updating is really easy but once again (and a rule you should learn to live by is) before any update, backup your site.

So, assuming you've backed up your site

  1. Click the update now button.
  2. Then, install the update.
    If there are no issues, you should see a green success message.
  3. To complete the update, click the clear cache button.

And that's how easy updating Joomla is.